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Maximum reach in a mini-football.


The second open tournament in mini-football among amateur teams, organized by the command "Albo-Fortune" was held at the sports ground GC "Spovis" August 18 and 19.

Expanding the range of the «Shchedry Yarmarок» brand


Along with exceptional pastas and sauces, a new product, squash caviar in glass jars with a twist-off cap, has been introduced by the Shchedriy yarmarok brand.

Albo Sports Day


June 23, Saturday, at the stadium "Avangard" Kramatorsk (Donetsk region).passed the next, the seventh annual summer Olympics.

Big victories in a little football.


During June 9th and 10th in the Khartsyzsk Donetsk region an amateur football tournament was organized by the command "Albo Fortuna" and supported by GC "Albo", SBI "Nobody But Us", and HGOO "Step Forward”.

Another Award


At the biggest European competition Decanter World Wine Awards, held in London (UK) in May 2012, the wine TM Gocha Saperavi won bronze medals.

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