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News Lustdorf brand History – Rebirth of Traditions.

Lustdorf brand History – Rebirth of Traditions.


The Name “Lustdorf” originates from 1805, when 12 miles south-west of Odessa German colonists founded a settlement. Initially the settlement was called “Keiserheim”.

Once it was visited by a high spirited ruler of these lands – the Duke of Richelieu, who happened to be in a merry and elevated mood, possibly under the influence. TO honor this occasion, the settlement was renamed. It was called the Merry Village, or Lustdorf in German.

The German settlers already were experienced in growing vineyards , and soon they began to perfect their skills and knowledge. Thus Odessa became the first place to grow European grape varieties locally. After five years of laborious efforts of the German winemakers the first wines were produced in Lustdorf. An excellent climate, wines, and German service standards turned the village into a popular resort. Today, the site of the village has become a prestigious Odessa neighborhood – Sauvignon, named after the famous European grape variety which was cultivated here. To honor the tradition of this famous winemaking settlement we have created a line of wines named “Lustdorf”, which have adopted and revived the best traditions of the German winemakers.

News Lustdorf brand History – Rebirth of Traditions.