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«GOCHA» Chacha

Chacha — the Georgian national product, the pride and glory of Georgian artists. The name «chacha» can only be applied to the drink produced in the territory of Georgia. The main grapes for the production of chacha — Rkatsiteli. The original recipe Chachi GOCHA, and aging in oak barrels gives it taste sophistication, depth, and richness. A unique combination of high alcohol content (40%) and refined softness on the palate can be attributed to its strong alcoholic content and elite origin.


Chacha Gold

Strong alcoholic grape drink.

Made from grape spirits with old home recipes, transmitted to Georgian families from generation to generation, Chacha Golden is a traditional drink Matured in oak barrels for at least one year. It has a beautiful, pale golden color, pronounced bouquet with the aroma of raisins and a light spiciness. Chacha’s taste is harmonious, complete with hints of oak and a pleasant aftertaste.

Alcohol 40%. Capacity of 0.5 liters.

Chacha platinum

Strong alcoholic grape drink.

It is made from grape spirits with old home recipes, transmitted to Georgian families from generation to generation. It has a transparent color, refined bouquet with aromas of spices and dry fruits. Chacha taste is intense, rich, with hints of fruit and nuts and a long aftertaste.

Alcohol 40%. Capacity of 0.5 liters

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