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The Name “Lustdorf” originates from 1805, when 12 miles south-west of Odessa German colonists founded a settlement.
About us

The Albo Group is engaged in the distribution of food, alcoholic and nonalcoholic production in Ukraine since 1996.

Active distribution over 16 years, allowed the enterprise to prove itself as one of the most reliable and operative partners, as well as producers, within the retail trade.

The harmonious team of 600 highly skilled experts provide appropriate storage conditions and timely delivery of the products of the required quality and volume.

Our logistics, resemble a Swiss clock, accurate and reliable. We work to cultivate a creative and collaborative bond between us, and our partners. We continuously strive develop and evolve our company. The main objective of Albo Group to make distribution in Ukraine the most orderly, convenient, and effective.
Make more than it is 
The area of distribution of Albo Group covers 97 % of the territory of the country. Our active clients, totaling thirty-three thousand, are provided with a distribution system in the twenty-four areas of Ukraine.
Thanks to our five logistic complexes, and vehicle fleet of 100 of cargo units, the Albo Group quickly and precisely carries out cargo transportation across all of Ukraine.